Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Sharepoint

In order to use SemTalk on your computer, you need Microsoft Visio 2007 or 2010.

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a software to create diagrams. It offers good opportunities to present complex systems and processes visually. Visio diagrams provide a faster and better understanding of complex problems. SemTalk uses Visio as its foundation.

Which advantages does the use of SemTalk have over the use of pure Microsoft Visio? SemTalk enriches the graphical capabilities of Microsoft Visio with a built-in database. This allows to reuse the same modeling elements on different pages or in different files. It has a simplified user interface compared to Microsoft Visio, so that only a reasonable ammount of extra learning efforts is required.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is used by SemTalk as object repository (object store), portal and document management system.

Modeling elements are stored in SharePoint lists. Users have access to these items and may use them in their processes. The finalized models are stored in SharePoint document libraries. This means that all functionality for versioning, management of user rights and metadata, and execution of workflows are available via SharePoint. HTML versions of SemTalk models can be published in SharePoint or on a remote server.

Just the minimal version of SharePoint 'Team Foundation' (or SharePoint Services (2007)) is required, but SharePoint Portal is recommended for professional scenarios.

Exemplary contents of SharePoint:

  • Model library
  • HTML Library
  • Role List
  • System List
  • Business Object List (Glossary)