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Team Configuration for Recurring Projects - SemTalk Supports Compliance in Microsoft Teams - SemTalk at the European Collaboration Summit May 28th & 29th 2019 in Wiesbaden

Microsoft Teams is being used by more and more organizations to support agile collaboration. Chat features allow spontaneous communication without loss of content. Via the associated SharePoint page, Team-related documents can be stored and managed. At the same time, Teams keeps context information required for each task readily on hand - and that across different applications. This allows Microsoft Teams to provide targeted information related to a Team’s tasks. Lightweight applications, such as Microsoft Planner, add efficient collaboration features via task allocation, accountability, and progress controls.

For example, Microsoft Teams can successfully be used for recurring projects such as the implementation of marketing campaigns, job placement, or building houses. For projects with low to medium complexity, Planner assumes the role of a project management tool that assigns responsibilities and visualizes a project’s progress.

Required or created project documents are stored in a corresponding SharePoint site or different SharePoint pages shown as tabs. Other applications can also be integrated as additional tabs so that needed information and tools are always easily accessible.

When setting up Teams, project management experience is greatly needed because new employees often have difficulties trying to identify which roles are required and to know which tasks need to be assigned. Using SemTalk Services, you can now derive required roles directly from your process models, as well as assign respective Team members to roles via SharePoint Lists. In this second step, tasks from process models can be selected and assigned to a Planner Board, whereby associated responsibilities are populated directly via SharePoint Lists. This decreases the time needed to set-up Teams and it provides necessary configuration support to ensure that tasks correspond to the processes defined by organizational structures. Planner tasks are integrated to allow you to jump directly to the associated process portal to get relevant information, see which peers are available, identify which systems need to be used, to know where everything is located, or to identify which policies need to be followed. As a result, conflicts that usually exist between agile work and compliance can be avoided.

SemTalk’s well-known process portal, SemTalk Services, provides process models and related information using Microsoft’s platform. Models created with the SemTalk Editor, based on Microsoft Visio, provide the basis for SemTalk Services’ navigation, search, reporting, and other functionalities.

Further information on the integration of SemTalk Services in Microsoft Teams can be found here.   European Collaboration Summit information can be found at Information about Semtation GmbH and the SemTalk platform can be found here.


Semtation Welcomes Microsoft‘s New Visio Online

Potsdam, March 7, 2017:  Microsoft is now offering Visio Pro for Office 365, a web-based version of Visio, its well known graphical modeling desktop application. With close to 20 million users, Visio is a global leader in graphical data representation. SemTalk, a Microsoft Visio add-in, uses Visios comfortable graphical interface to create process models and other complex diagrams.

By adding Visio Online to the 365 Office family users now have new ways to view Visio diagrams and share them on the web. While the new on-line version does not currently offer any editing capabilities, it does make it easy to display web-based Visio files and to switch to the Visio desktop application for editing. Users upload Visio files to either OneDrive for Business or to SharePoint Online so that collegues or other end-users can view the Visio file in their Web browser without having to install the Visio desktop application.

As with other Microsoft Office client versions , Microsoft is taking its highly effective pragmatic path to lead the way by integrating the ability to create service-based offerings. Semtation welcomes this development as it enables SemTalks customers to continue using the current SemTalk version to create models that can become the basis for future web-based offerings.

Semtation is exhibiting at this year's CeBIT in Hanover. Interested parties will find the stand in Hall 3, stand number J18 (Microsoft SharePoint Partner stand) and can arrange a visit at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request a free ticket.

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Semtation presents at CeBIT 2017 new applications, including IoT integrated with Visio-based SemTalk knowledge management

Potsdam, March 7, 2017: At CeBIT 2017 Semtation demonstrates what is possible using Visio-based SemTalk along with Microsofts SharePoint to create knowledge management structures that can be used in conjunction with Azure cloud services.

Visio-based SemTalk business processes models form the basis for Service Architectures. Models are easily created and managed using a combination of SemTalk and SharePoint functionalities.  Created models take full advantage of knowledge that is already available in SharePoint. Together these technologies form a knowledge management core. 

This year SemTalks CeBIT booth will include an electric train installation that demonstrates how sensor data can be visualized and used to accommodate maintenance processes. A moving electric train is shown that generates impulses which are in turn transmitted via an Azure IoT hub to a cloud-based SharePoint. The movement of the train changes based on rules defined in a maintenance process model or from additional components such as when an external database is integrated that impacts the maintenance model. 

Semantic technologies make these flexible architectures possible because of their ability to define relevant controlled vocabularies.  Semtation GmbH has been active in this field of artificial intelligence since its inception.

Semantic control is also a basic tool when defining chatbots to aid in model navigation. Chatbots can also be used as a simple natural-language retrieval tool to collect model content. For example, a chatbot can be created to ask "How does the holiday application work?" with a text or by audio response.

Semtation extends these possibilities by providing model-based information that make the best possible use of process models that can then be applied in different contexts.

If you want to learn more and see our demo IoT application in action, you can find Semtation in Hall 3 Stand J18 (Microsoft SharePoint Partner Stand). You can also arrange a visit by going to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a free ticket.

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About SemTalk and Semtation


Semtation GmbH is the manufacturer of SemTalk, the leading tool for process modeling based on Microsoft Visio. As the only product in its class, SemTalk supports the three most important success factors for process modeling.  SemTalk supports the user during the modeling with building blocks and controlled vocabulary from an overlapping repository, thus ensuring company-wide process modeling consistency. Since SemTalk contains common notations such as BPMN 2.0, and EPCs. It is fully extensible so customers can freely select the best modeling notation for their specific needs. By closely interfacing with Microsoft Visio, Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, the modeling process, and the results, can be anchored in the company and thus generate lasting benefits.


SemTalk is the product of more than 20 years of process modeling and process management experience. Headquartered in Potsdam since 2001, Semtation, together with its partners, serves numerous customers worldwide. Customers include large corporations and organizations such as Vattenfall, Bayer, JT International and T-Systems as well as medium-sized customers such as Hamburg Port Authority, Gebr. Brasseler, the data center Baden-Württemberg, the State of Berlin or the DFG. Semtation has been awarded several novel innovation awards, most recently in 2016 when it won the Process Solutions Award of the Society for Organization.


You can find more information about Semtation GmbH and the SemTalk product at:


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Dr.-Ing. Frauke Weichhardt


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Telephone: +49 331 581 39 36

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JTI Uses SemTalk to Optimize 1200 Accounting Processes Worldwide

SemTalk enables company-wide process optimization via global comparisons and reporting. Chosen as a successful best practice project for the Gartner BPM Summit 2014

Potsdam, January 28, 2015 – Semtation, maker of the well-known process modeling software SemTalk, is selected by Microsoft as a best practice winner for its solution for Japan Tobacco International (JTI).

The jumping off point for this project were 5.3 million account bookings from 36 countries in 16 languages with more than 1000 SAP 1,000 processes supported by 350 JTI employees in three Global Service Centers located in Manchester, Kuala Lumpur and St. Petersburg.  In order to consolidate both processes and documentation, and to establish uniform standards and principles for global comparisons and reports, a suitable process modeling software tool was required to make it possible to execute worldwide comparisons and optimization strategies.

The choice was made to model with Visio and SemTalk using an individualize notation that was especially created for JTI. Management of more than 1200 Visio files operates smoothly using a SharePoint repository. SemTalk ensures consistency. SemTalk Services uses this SharePoint repository to generate a process portal for users with all necessary graphical process descriptions as well as to provide intelligent navigation through the various process models using search and reporting features.

Modeling is based on a Business Process Reference Framework (BPRF) shared by all three Service Centers. In BPRF more than a thousand processes are stored in a standardized format. Local customizations are easily created, but, through skillful modeling, variations only amounted to ~10% of total model content. The BPRF makes process models, processes, companies and markets comparable.  This standardization provides the basis for JTI central reporting.

Twenty-Six process execution data reports are generated during the night.  Additional Excel reports are also generated on a daily basis. These reports easily answer questions such as “Which processes are affected by a change in the J-SOX compliance rules?”, “What processes relate to Business Unit 4711?” and “Which responsibilities are performed by an accountant at the Manchester Service Center?”

Transparency not only pays off in process controlling, but also in daily process execution. During their last half-year evaluation, JTI has shown that world-wide process compliance improved to 99.8%. In view of the complexity presented by 36 different countries, and the sheer volume of 5.3 million processes, this represents outstanding quality performance.

"As a result of this project JTI has achieved an enormous increase in process execution quality. A process fidelity of 99.8% for millions of processes clearly shows the positive effects of process consolidation through comprehensive modeling and intuitive process documentation available in the resulting process portals." Said Dr. Frauke Weichhardt, COO of BPM specialist Semtation.

The combination of SemTalk, Visio and SharePoint not only fulfills requirements perfectly, it is also inexpensive to maintain.  Worldwide technical maintenance and operation of the overall solution only requires the equivalent of 1/10th of the capacity of a single system administrator.

"In combination with Visio and SharePoint, SemTalk is able to provide an extremely robust and easy-to-administer process modeling solution that is able to be used as the basis for a Process Portal," says Christian Fillies, Managing Director of Semtation. "Microsoft SharePoint is often used by our customers as a Central Portal Platform.  SemTalk rarely generates additional administration expense and the Visio front-end makes it particularly easy for users. "

Reason enough for Microsoft to select JTI’s SemTalk project as a best practice.  Together with Microsoft and JTI, Semtation presented their solution to Gartner’s global Business Process Management Summit 2014 in Las Vegas - a special tribute to be awarded to a German BPM vendor.

This project shows that a standardized Business Process Reference Framework can be used as the basis for consolidation and optimization - even in the most complex process environments.  The important thing is to harmonize process modeling and process model descriptions within a single repository using a unified modeling and publishing tool. SemTalk, in combination with Visio and SharePoint, is perfectly designed to meet this task. SemTalk provides model consistency and uniformity, Visio adds ease of operation and SharePoint delivers a central repository and portal collaboration.

Semtation GmbH selected by Microsoft as an Early Visio 2013 Adopter

Microsoft‘s selection of Semtation to be in the Visio Early Adopter Program further deepens joint collaboration of Semtation’s SemTalk with Microsoft’s Visio. This invitation was triggered by a public administration pilot project at T-Systems SFPH which demonstrated Semtation‘s insight and vision for how to best integrate new developments within Microsoft Visio and SharePoint.

Potsdam, 24.4.2013 – Semtation GmbH, creator of the well-known process modeling tool SemTalk, was selected by Microsoft as an Early Microsoft Visio Adopter. Selection in the Microsoft Early Adopter Program is awarded to independent software vendors, such as Semtation, that pick up on the latest Microsoft technology development quickly and use emerging Microsoft functionality as part of their development work. Microsoft selects only proven product experts. In addition to Semtation, only one other Visio tool vendor was chosen in Germany.
SemTalk development is deeply integrated with the core functionality of Microsoft‘s Visio and SharePoint. SemTalk extends basic Visio and SharePoint functionality to optimally model and share information about complex organizational issues.  SemTalk uses Microsoft SharePoint as a repository for specific process models in the form of Visio files. Simultaneously, meta-data models with key organizationally-specific modeling elements, along with models containing recurring process components, are stored and shared within SharePoint. This integrates complex, organizationally-wide modeling work.  These integrated models could potentially be composed of hundreds or even thousands of individual process models that are stored and managed consistently via SharePoint. Changes to individual parts of the process library can be easily propagated to all related models contained within the repository.

SemTalk is completely integrated into Microsoft Visio so that the user interface is intuitive with a seamless Microsoft Office look and feel. Model publication utilizes the interaction of SemTalk with new Visio Services. User can open the models as Visio files and easily comment in the browser via Visio Services. The navigation between individual models via SemTalk Services is executed within SharePoint. Deep integration of these three products ensures high quality and consistent models. Intuitive cooperation makes joint modeling across departmental boundaries possible while effectively and efficiently integrating modeling project results into operational processes.
As an early adopter Semtation has exclusive access to new versions of Visio and is in continuous dialogue with Microsoft product development. Thus Semtation can adapt quickly to new features and concepts in Microsoft Visio and SharePoint so SemTalk developers can extend and expand functionality to provide added value to SemTalk customers.
"Inclusion in the Early Adopter program from Microsoft is recognition of our intensive use of Microsoft Visio and SharePoint which has greatly broadened our expertise. Through this program, we can increase and share our know-how early in the development process," happily explains Dr.-Ing Frauke Weichhardt, Managing Director of Semtation. "Both our customers and Microsoft will benefit from this feedback loop prior to the launch of new products."
Semtation used an early release version of Microsoft Visio as part of the Early Adopter Program in a specific customer project. With the support of Semtation partner KnowLogy AG Potsdam, the latest versions of Microsoft Visio and SharePoint were used in a pilot project at T-Systems GmbH SFPH.
The SFPH T-Systems supports its customers in the public sector using workflow-based systems for administrative procedures. In the pilot project the complex process landscape of a local authority was modeled. "The simplicity of modeling with SemTalk and Microsoft Visio 2013 made modeling processes for our local customers even more intuitive. New comment features in Microsoft Visio makes it easy to get direct customer feedback back into the models, "says Benjamin Wodtke, Project Manager at T-Systems GmbH SFPH
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About SemTalk and Semtation
Semtation GmbH is the manufacturer of SemTalk, the leading process modeling tool based on Microsoft Visio. SemTalk is the only product in its class that supports the three most important process modeling success factors.  SemTalk supports users during the modeling process through the use of controlled vocabulary and thus ensures enterprise-wide consistency of process models. SemTalk supports all popular notations such as EPC and BPMN 2.0. SemTalk is also fully extensible allowing customers to freely choose the best modeling notation for their specific needs. Close integration with Microsoft Visio and Microsoft SharePoint keep the modeling process and project results anchored in the company’s existing infrastructure thereby generating sustainable benefits.
SemTalk combines the experience of over 20 years in the field of process modeling and process management. The company, based in Potsdam since 2001, together with its partners, has numerous customers worldwide. Its customers include large corporations and organizations such as AOK, Bayer, Siemens and T-Systems and SME clients such as Hamburg Port Authority, interseroh and Schott Solar.

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