Semtation presents at CeBIT 2017 new applications, including IoT integrated with Visio-based SemTalk knowledge management

Potsdam, March 7, 2017: At CeBIT 2017 Semtation demonstrates what is possible using Visio-based SemTalk along with Microsofts SharePoint to create knowledge management structures that can be used in conjunction with Azure cloud services.

Visio-based SemTalk business processes models form the basis for Service Architectures. Models are easily created and managed using a combination of SemTalk and SharePoint functionalities.  Created models take full advantage of knowledge that is already available in SharePoint. Together these technologies form a knowledge management core. 

This year SemTalks CeBIT booth will include an electric train installation that demonstrates how sensor data can be visualized and used to accommodate maintenance processes. A moving electric train is shown that generates impulses which are in turn transmitted via an Azure IoT hub to a cloud-based SharePoint. The movement of the train changes based on rules defined in a maintenance process model or from additional components such as when an external database is integrated that impacts the maintenance model. 

Semantic technologies make these flexible architectures possible because of their ability to define relevant controlled vocabularies.  Semtation GmbH has been active in this field of artificial intelligence since its inception.

Semantic control is also a basic tool when defining chatbots to aid in model navigation. Chatbots can also be used as a simple natural-language retrieval tool to collect model content. For example, a chatbot can be created to ask "How does the holiday application work?" with a text or by audio response.

Semtation extends these possibilities by providing model-based information that make the best possible use of process models that can then be applied in different contexts.

If you want to learn more and see our demo IoT application in action, you can find Semtation in Hall 3 Stand J18 (Microsoft SharePoint Partner Stand). You can also arrange a visit by going to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a free ticket.

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About SemTalk and Semtation


Semtation GmbH is the manufacturer of SemTalk, the leading tool for process modeling based on Microsoft Visio. As the only product in its class, SemTalk supports the three most important success factors for process modeling.  SemTalk supports the user during the modeling with building blocks and controlled vocabulary from an overlapping repository, thus ensuring company-wide process modeling consistency. Since SemTalk contains common notations such as BPMN 2.0, and EPCs. It is fully extensible so customers can freely select the best modeling notation for their specific needs. By closely interfacing with Microsoft Visio, Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, the modeling process, and the results, can be anchored in the company and thus generate lasting benefits.


SemTalk is the product of more than 20 years of process modeling and process management experience. Headquartered in Potsdam since 2001, Semtation, together with its partners, serves numerous customers worldwide. Customers include large corporations and organizations such as Vattenfall, Bayer, JT International and T-Systems as well as medium-sized customers such as Hamburg Port Authority, Gebr. Brasseler, the data center Baden-Württemberg, the State of Berlin or the DFG. Semtation has been awarded several novel innovation awards, most recently in 2016 when it won the Process Solutions Award of the Society for Organization.


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