SemTalk is the Overall Winner of BPMN Tool Study 2012

A comparison of BPMN modeling tools was performed at the University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg SemTalk 4, the innovative modeling tool from Semtation, prevailled against competitors Adonis, Bizagi and Signavio and emerged as the overall winner SemTalk has significant advantages in the flexibility of modeling methods, integration of results and ease of use. 

Potsdam, 18.10.2012 – A detailed comparative study of the suitability of BPMN tools for process modeling was carried out this year as part of the degree program in computer science in the Department of Economics at the University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg. Under the direction of the known process modeling expert, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wikarski, a student team has tested four leading products Adonis, Bizagi, SemTalk and Signavio.  A clear winner was identified. 

Tool evaluation is based on a review of a comprehensive criteria catalog. In addition to the individual analysis of each tool, an analogous process was modeled with all reviewed tools to better make a direct comparison. 

SemTalk is the overall winner in the tool comparison 

This complex study came to the conclusion that products Adonis, SemTalk and Signavio were all generally suited for process modeling with BPMN. However, SemTalk 4, the Microsoft Visio-based product from Semtation, lead the pack. 


Although the distance between rivals in the overall evaluation is small, for differences to show up in the analysis of individual functional and performance blocks, these differences represent significant advantages between products. 

Flexibility in the choice of modeling methods is key 

Years of experience have shown that when modeling a range of operational issues, it is necessary to choose from a wide variety of different methods, standards and notations. In almost every case, existing methods and notations must be adjusted individually to fit the needs of the company. This suggests that an important requirement for modeling tools is that they should not only support a wide range of standard methods and notations, but tools should also be able to support newly emerging or modified notations and methods. 

The Fachhochschule Brandenburg tool study rated the ability to support different modeling standards beyond BPMN 2.0 as a critical need. In this area SemTalk offered, by far, the most available methodologies and overall flexibility. They were followed by Adonis. The newcomer, Signavio, offers only limited possibilities and the product Bizagi, due to limited BPMN 2.0 support, lags far behind in fourth place. 



Integration, Import and Export are critical criteria blocks  




User-friendliness and ease of integrating modelling results 

A critical differentiating criteria of this study was to examine how modeling results can be integrated. Here is where interfaces and import/ export capabilities were a key focus of the tool evaluation. When looking at these criteria, SemTalk once again prevailed compared to the competition. Through integration with Microsoft Visio and the opportunity to deeply integrate into Microsoft SharePoint, SemTalk offers the best approach in these areas. It is interesting to note that in this study, even long-standing products such as Adonis, do not have the necessary openness. Also, web-based platforms such as Signavio, can only be superficially integrated into the various communication platforms found in most companies. 

User-friendliness of a tool is an essential prerequisite for the success of any process modeling project. In general, many different process experts must be brought into modeling projects.  Not only do process experts need to be able to understand and comment on process models, they must also be able to easily and independently create and modify models. 

Criteria evaluation in this area showed all products to be relatively close together. SemTalk scored particularly high marks thanks to the intuitive usability and functional richness of Microsoft Visio, the platform on which it is based. 



Details matter 

This study makes it clear that not every tool is equally well suited for process modeling.  The right tool choice ultimately comes down to the details associated with each specification requirement. 

"We are pleased that our product SemTalk prevailed in this tool comparison," says Dr.-Ing. Frauke Weichhardt, Managing Director of Semtation. "The quality of a tool is not about how quickly you can produce a colorful process picture. Quality lies in the intensive integration of the tool into existing communication platforms such as SharePoint and in the flexibility of available methods. When selecting a tool you should look twice and check each product in detail to see how it truly matches up  against your modeling needs. We offer all prospective customers a free trial installation along with consulting on our website. " 

About SemTalk and Semtation 

Semtation GmbH is the manufacturer of SemTalk, the leading process modeling tool based on Microsoft Visio. SemTalk is the only product in its class that supports the three most important process modeling success factors.   

  1. SemTalk supports the user during the modeling through the use of controlled vocabulary and thus ensures enterprise-wide consistency of process models 

  2. SemTalk supports all popular notations such as EPC and BPMN 2.0 and 

  3. SemTalk is fully extensible, customers can freely choose the best modeling notation for their specific needs. By the close integration with Microsoft Visio and Microsoft SharePoint modeling process and results can be broadly anchored in the company and thus generate sustainable benefits. 


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