UNITY AG is a management consultancy for strategies, processes, technologies, and systems. The focus of the consulting services is: To support the customers from innovative product idea to successful market entry, to ensure high productivity in the provision of goods and services, and successfully shape the customers change process with technical and managerial expertise and through business-oriented process- and IT management. UNITY used ther method OMEGA , where OMEGA stand here for an object-oriented approach to business process optimization and analysis. The origins date from the Heinz Nixdorf Institute, University of Paderborn. The aim of this method is consistent and easy to understand reporting of business processes. The restriction to the main objects of a business process, the method across all levels of the company is transparent to the people and for all managers to understand.


JOB determines the challenges of customers and develops their potentials. Objectives of consultation are the optimization of strategic directions of the company and the coordination of processes of individual business units using the existing resources.

ConVista Consulting AG

ConVista Consulting AG supports global companies in financial services and utilities in the areas of processes, technologies and methods. Our expertise has made ​​us one of the leading consulting firms for SAP standard software integration. Innovative approaches, in-depth expertise and above-average understanding of technology are the foundations of our success. ConVista has developed C-ENS, a special addon to SemTalk for reference models guided modeling.

AKRA Business Solutions GmbH

AKRA Business Solutions GmbH is a Hamburg-based consulting firm specialized on integrated management systems and SAP ® projects with a focus on energy and logistics. The company offers consulting services and IT Solutions in the development and implementation of management systems, process controlling, and certifications such as ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, and project performance, consulting services and project implementations of SAP ® projects.


PS4B GmbH is an IT consultation company focused on telecommunication and RFID system integration. Our core competence lies in the field of customer care and billing systems, CRM systems as well as RFID middleware. The spectrum of our consultation ranges from the analysis of business processes, specification, design to selection, implementation and test, as well as operating of systems.