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The SemTalk simulation component is an open and easily adaptable framework to investigate the dynamic behavior of business processes. Process instances run it in discrete steps of the process definition. Parallels are simulated with the aid of a 'Colored Petri net'.

The simulation helps to understand the dynamic behavior of a process to detect weaknesses and to recognize media breaks. Simulation data provide a sound basis for a process based costing analysis.

Processes can be run in single step mode (animation) or as a complete system with many process instances simultaneously, competing for the available resources. Business objects such as an 'order' will be created for the simulation time. Attribute values can be changed while the simulation run. It is even possible to perform complex calculations once one writes his own macros.

The SemTalk simulation component is ideally used with the KSA notation and its derivatives, as the KSA contains all the elements of the simulation. Furthermore, BPMN and flow charts are well supported. For EPC, certain restrictions apply, since no explicit information flows are modeled and not flow-oriented events are being used quite often.

For a better understanding of the simulation, we recommend our video (in German). You can find it on YouTube at: Simulation video