SemTalk Site Builder for SharePoint

SemTalk Site Builder helps you create and develop your SharePoint structures. SemTalk Site Builder is based on the established modeling platform SemTalk.

The creation of sites in Microsoft Office SharePoint can be very time intensive for complex sites:
Columns, views, folders, lookups and content types have to be defined.

For complex sites or later on for simple sites also, the links between different SharePoint lists and relationships within these lists become pretty confusing:
The graphical representation of the structure within SharePoint is essential for the understanding and the maintainability of the site.

The migration of a site between different SharePoint instances is often a very complex task.
Using a graphical model, the same structure can be generated very easily in different sites.

For a better understanding of Site Builder, we recommend our video (in German). You can find it on YouTube at: Site Builder Video

SemTalk Site Builder is used for:

  • Creation of sites in Microsoft Office SharePoint
  • Documentation of Microsoft Office SharePoint sites
  • Migration of sites from a SharePoint instance to another