WEBCON Business Process Suite

At the core of WEBCON is a group of highly qualified specialists who have spent many years designing and implementing workflow systems (DMS) and optimization of business processes (BPM). The company developed its own comprehensive solution for Microsoft SharePoint – WEBCON Business Process Suite. What distinguishes this system from other solutions available for Microsoft SharePoint are WEBCON's comprehensiveness, efficiency, scalability and flexibility.

Thanks to its unique workflow engine and capabilities, which far exceed those offered by the SharePoint standard, WEBCON BPS enables efficient handling of the most complex workflows. WEBCON BPS offers a multilingual, user friendly and intuitive SharePoint based interface with dedicated mobile access to tasks and documents. Its graphic process designer helps the user configure and draw even the most complex business process scenarios supporting simple creation of forms and workflow steps and paths.



Key characteristics of WEBCON BPS:

  • an intuitive multilingual system interface available not only through the Microsoft SharePoint Portal, but also through the mobile systems – iOS and Android
  • a graphical business process editor which allows you to design a work and document flow process quickly and effectively
  • an advanced OCR engine which automatically registers the scanned documents in the system and indexes their content handling of documents sent to the company via fax and email, which is particularly crucial for electronic invoice exchange with your trading partners
  • easily accessible constructive reports that allow you to monitor the performance and quickly locate flow and process bottlenecks
  • advanced integration capabilities providing a two-way exchange of data between company computer systems and document flows
  • WEBCON Business Process Suite is a platform used by the largest Polish and international enterprises. It supports critical business processes in companies setting standards in their industries.

The examples of processes most often supported by companies using WEBCON BPS:

  • cost and material invoice registration, approval and assignment flows,
  • processes of payment control, registration and management of client financial parameters,
  • processes connected with staff admissions and terminations,
  • processes connected with granting and controlling
  • access to computer systems, support of registration and handling helpdesk queries,
  • support for handling B2B and B2C complaint processes

The above features make WEBCON BPS the workflow platform top choice for Microsoft SharePoint.

8th SemTalk User Meeting 2011

As all the years before SemTalk User Meeting 2011 gave all participants the chance to participate in interesting discussions about process modelling and future directions of SemTalk. Some impressions and slides:

Microsoft Office Visio 2010 and Visio Services (Claus Quast - Microsoft Deutschland GmbH)

Integrated Management System with AKRA
(Hans Schmitz)

SemTalk 4
Christian Fillies - Semtation GmbH

Prozess Modelling for Safety Analyzes
IGB Goebel (Thomas Kühr)

KnowLogy Solutions AG
(Dr. Andreas Giesenhagen)
Prozes Management at HPA
Hamburg Port Authority (Dr. Phanthian Zuesongdham)
Prozess Portals with UNITY AG
(André Krick)
Hochschule Darmstadt hda - Semantic Matching of Process Models
(Emanuel Berger, Christian Schalles)
Enjoying the sun ...

at the lunch break ...
Farewell (with Asko Krüger :-))

7th SemTalk User Meeting 2010

Impressions of the 7th SemTalk User Meeting on 29 October 2010 in Potsdam. Pictures and slides

Microsoft Office Visio 2010 and Visio Services (Claus Quast - Microsoft Deutschland GmbH)
Paul Schmid - Advanceng
Peter Tremmel - team 4 solutions
KnowLogy Solutions AG, cit GmbH ZIT-BB
(Andreas Giesenhagen, Klaus Wanner, Reinhard Verch)
SemTalk Services
(Christian Fillies - Semtation GmbH)
BPMN 2.0 new template
(Tobias Rieger - Semtation GmbH)
INTER-FORUM Unternehmensgruppe
(Jörg Härtwig)
Hamburg Port Authority
(Phantian Zuesongdham, Laureen Safarik)
Bayer BMS - Process design for the intranet
(Wolfgang Hause - Bayer Business Services GmbH)
24/7 IT-Services GmbH
(Ralf Pogodda-Schmuck)
(Holm Jürgens, Ingo Pannhausen)
ConVista (Norbert Schroeder, Arthur Elsner,
Mathias Schulze, Moritz Nickel)
(Eberhardt Mülhaupt)
IGB Göbel
(Thomas Kühr)
FH Brandenburg
(Dietmar Wikarski)
(Christian Schalles - Hochschule Darmstadt)
OMEGA Process Modeller
Unity (André Krick)

6th SemTalk User Meeting 2009

5th SemTalk User Meeting 2008

Impressions of the 5th SemTalk User Meeting on 12 December 2008 in Potsdam. Pictures and slides

Process Modeling with SemTalk
Dr. Gerd Arndt, (Bayer MaterialScience)
Process Modeling with SemTalk at Vattenfall Nico Haarländer (Vattenfall Europe)
SemTalk with Sharepoint Paul Schmid (IOZ)
A portal to assist in the process modeling
Jan Jessen (Acando)

SemTalk: AccordModell, Reference architectures for eHealth
Dr. Boris Petkoff (Accord Systems)
Projektron & SemTalk
Dotchka Pentcheva, Max Roth (Projektron)
Modeling, analysis and improvement of processes in University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg
Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wikarski (University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg)